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What People Say
Beauty Treatment

Alice is very skilled at Laser hair removal and after a few treatments I have confidence in my own skin. Recently started the body sculpting treatment, having completed 3 sessions and there is a very noticeable improvement already! Can't wait to go do that again!!

Jesse Kell

Relaxing Massage

Alice is amazing. The results after one laser session for facial hair after having my son is nothing short of wow. Personable and professional I wouldn’t go anywhere but Laser by Alice. 

Lisa Short 

Natural Beauty

Alice is AMAZING!! I would highly recommend her for all your laser and facial needs. Her baby doll facial is amazing!!! Alice is so professional and welcoming, it’s always a pleasure seeing her! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Lisa Jane

Lower Body

Alice is very skilled and a true Professional at her job. There is no other place I would go, and I cannot recommend her enough

Jim Kapsis

Woman with Hand on Face

Alice is absolutely wonderful, her laser treatments are effective and she takes the time to explain the procedure. Cannot wait to try the baby doll face mask!!! I wouldn’t go anywhere else and cannot recommend her enough!

Shanna Flynn

Smooth Shiny Skin

So happy with Alice’s work. 100% the promise of no hair is 100% delivered. Quality work, premium product. Alice delivers what she promises. Don’t go anywhere else

Troy Holmes

Tattoo Removal

Very professional with a high attention to detail. Alice treats you like your a celebrity and you feel like a million dollars

Jim Athos

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